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Practical Intelligence – Applications

An amazing and empowering idea of training management teams through & Karachi came very close to fruition. The Community Leadership Summit ’11 (West) lead to the birth of Cloud Computing Pakistan. From there it has been a rolling ball, gathering moss. We intend to do it well enough that it enriches and forever changes all who participate, and specially all who dare to volunteer for this well-worn effort. (Volunteer effort example: this event brochure.)

Community leaders from Pakistan are engaged, well-meshed with leaders out west, and there is talk of turning this working-opportunity into a documented training program that all those who participate in, learn from and are able to pass on.

The team is mostly dispersed, but the concept of OpenSpace unconference is finally coming to fruition, guided by long-experienced facilitators and friends.

We are already working with learning teams developing a management training program, merely by asking them to participate in a conference call. There was an amazing call this evening. It was just 45 minutes, but the goals and agreements made in it are of a life-changing nature if the people attending CloudCamp Lahore and Karachi benefit from them. Also benefiting will be those who volunteer to participate in the effort.

Assigned TEAM Reading: This article mentions amazing examples of Practical Intelligence, which list mind-opening situations where the “seemingly smartest on our planet”, are doing things other than their best interests. Mere confirmation:

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  1. its great idea n will be success INSHALLAH!!! bcz Sir abbas is doing very hard work to complete these two training workshops !!!

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