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Approaching a ‘Grand Unification Story’ (GUS) of Everything

Science, Art, and Spirit are parts of a whole, part of ourselves, which we utilize to grasp, understand, & comprehend the world.  This article is a study of how our trained comprehension shapes us.

The point of science is that it enhances our understanding of life, systems that sustain life, and everything we can measure.  The point of art is to enhance our lives at a more personal level, a level where the creation ceases to be an amalgam and begins to affect those who interact with it, knowingly or unknowingly.  That makes us another aspect of the triangle we are viewing, but we will get to that later (#1).  Scientific arts (or artistic sciences) like

Philosophy become transmuters, or mediums that bridge the chasms separating forms like art, like a creative thought that enlivens the mind, with science, like a complex thought that expands our understanding.  Which leads us to Spirit, or spirituality, as the mystery that science cannot (yet) get to, art can only evoke by directing us to, and philosophy begins to convey by putting into more accessible terms.

As human beings, we interact ubiquitously with Science, Art & Spirit.  We feel we are separate from them all, yet they completely encompass us.  They become more relevant as our perspectives expand, and we understand them from newer points of view.  In this we have something important to gain, by engaging in an exercise of introspection.

I will ask my kind reader to consider these three forms, which we can use allegorically to approach this Grand Unification Story (#0), as the base of a three-sided triangle, (equal sides, equal angles; yes, an equilateral triangle viewed head-on.)  The reader is at the top, looking down from the center, from a point equidistant from all three corners, at the same distance as the corners themselves are apart.  That makes you, our observer, the apex of a tetrahedron.  You may end up inverting your understanding of learned abilities like directions, or up & down, so it helps to have a stable frame of reference one can revert to.  We will label call this thought ‘Frame of Reference’ (#2) and get back to it.

The threads that we are leaving open here, like (#0), the Grand Unification Story, are the jewels that enable us to approach a mystery from many different facets.  I will expand this slowly as the topic is vast.  My goal is to bring about a satisfaction in those who feel that one or two of these forms fulfill their lives and the other does not.  This is an attempt to make all three forms come together, bridged not only with them but with you, the observer.  So we will study perspectives.  The previous blog entry may be useful, especially for those who have yet to put themselves into another’s shoes and seen things from the point of view of someone they were arguing with.  We will continue this discussion, yet any questions, comments, or thoughts remain, as ever, welcome

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